Mission and Vision

Our Vision: A Safe and Healthy Community

The mission of the Stoneham Coalition is to address the epidemic of drug and alcohol abuse in our community through education, advocacy, environmental changes, and promoting and creating opportunities for healthy and responsible behavior. 

Who we are - A group of citizens, professionals, parents, and students working together to educate about and prevent drug and alcohol addition in Stoneham

What we do - We provide programs, workshops, networking, and information to support individuals and families, including young people and seniors. We also educate about factors relating to addiction, including mental health, bullying, and social media, and advocate for strong policies to protect our young people from substance use


Our Objectives:

  1. To ensure ease of access to resources available to individuals and families struggling with drug and alcohol abuse.

  2. To identify resources and implement programs within the town to help reduce and prevent the growing issue of drug and alcohol abuse.

  3. To identify policies at the local, state and national level that we can support to help communities deal with the epidemic of substance abuse.

Strategic Plan 2017-2022

​The Coalition's strategic and action plan is updated annually to reflect new action items in our mission to address underage substance use in the Town of Stoneham 

Health and Safety Guide 2020

The Stoneham Health & Safety guide is a resource created in collaboration with the coalition and our community partners. This guide includes useful health and safety information, including substance use prevention, mental health resources, and overall health promotion.