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Parent University

The Whole Child - Raising Kids Who Thrive!

Join us for this year's Parent University, a fun, half day event for parents with students of any age that provides knowledge and advice from community experts through a series of free workshops focusing on student's educational experience and well-being. 

First Annual 

Location: Stoneham Central Middle School

Childcare Provided by Boys and Girls Club of Stoneham & Wakefield


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  • 8:00 AM - Kid Camp Check in

  • 8-8:30  - Check-in/Refreshments

  • 8:40-9:30 - Keynote Address

  • 9:40-10:30 - Workshop #1

  • 10:30 - 11 - Break & Resource Tables

  • 11- 11:50 - Workshop #2


Keynote Presentation 

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Ty Sells, Youth to Youth International 

Ty Sells is an individual who cares deeply for the well being of youth.   He is a graduate of the Ohio State University and works for the drug prevention/ youth leadership program, Youth to Youth International. He has spoken at hundreds of school assemblies and presented conference keynotes throughout the world, including every state in the U.S., Germany, Japan, Canada, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, and Italy. Now he will be sharing his message with us.

Workshop Details

The Secret Lives of Teens & Tweens


This high-energy - and fun - presentation focuses on what teens are really thinking, what they fear, why they do not share more, and how adults can effectively support and communicate with their teens. Topics covered include: suicide, 'acting out' behaviors, stress, anxiety, technology, and more. 

Participants will get: 

  • Strategies they can implement immediately (who has time to wait!)

  • New ways of understanding teens and their behaviors

  • Innovative techniques for engaging teens

  • Confidence, courage, and new language to use with teens

Learn more at:

Presenter: Jon Mattleman, MS. Minding Your Mind

Healthy Balance: Screen Time & Youth

Increasingly, data suggests that exposing youth to large amounts of time in front of screens (TV, computer, tablet, or smart phone) can have negative effects on physical and mental development including issues with memory, attention, and language skills. This workshop is designed to provide the tools and vocabulary needed for children and adolescents to make wise choices about balancing daily screen use, while focusing more attention on exercise and nutrition.

Presenter: Cory Mashburn, Massachusetts Partnerships for Youth

Bullying and the Power Differential 

Many adults and parents struggle with understanding the cause of bullying. This workshop addresses the dynamics between bullies and victims and explores the role bystanders play. Practical suggestions to deal with bullying will be given. 

Presenter: Cory Mashburn, Massachusetts Partnership for Youth

How to Support Those at Risk for Suicide 

A suicide prevention training for any individuals supporting those at risk for suicide, including students, at-risk youth, veterans, LGBTQ, and those with substance use disorder. 

Presenter: Samaritans Inc. 

Successful Transitions - Getting Kindergarten Ready!

Learn what teachers really expect from your child when they walk in the door in September. What developmental skills does your child need to be a successful student? What can you do at home to get them ready? Learn this and more at this workshop

Presenter: Debbie Sharp, M. Ed

Successful Transitions - Moving Up to Middle!

Transitioning to middle school can be stressful - for students and for parents! Learn everything you need to know about expectations, culture, and the excitement of your child starting at a new school. A unique experience to be able to ask anything of a middle school guidance counselor

Presenter: Colleen Martin, School Guidance

"They were the top of their class, then life happened" The Art of Going to College (grades 10-12)

Join the talk, and bring your own questions about some of the concerns that often challenge new students, and parents getting ready for college. This discussion will focus on skills on how to go to, and be successful in college. 

Some common questions of parents and students we will discuss are: The application process; How do I know which school to choose? What do I need? How to talk to professors? Finding, and utilizing various services as needed. Social Interactions, resume writing, balancing academics/life, sports, and more. 

Presenter: Andrea Bengtson-Robin, MA, MSW

College Prep - The Financial Questions

The thought of financing a college education can be overwhelming for high school students and their families. Whether you’ve been saving for 18 years or 18 days, there are options to help pay for college. In this workshop, Eric will discuss all things education financing including types of financial aid, the FAFSA and why it is important, student loans and more.

Presenter: Eric J. Bergstrom, Vice President, Stoneham Financial Services Financial Advisor, RJFS, StonehamBank 

Supporting LGTBQ Youth 

We’ll review basic concepts pertaining to sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) then share personal anecdotes that exemplify providing a supportive environment for your child to feel comfortable and safe coming out at home, at school and with their pediatrician. We’ll explore how cultivating and strengthening the parent/child bond can help empower LGBTQ youth to genuinely express themselves. Resources will be shared for both LGBTQ youth and their parents.


Presenter: Gabriela Crinigan, Family Support Specialist, Child Psychiatry, Cambridge Health Alliance