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December Coalition Spotlight: Patrick Healey

Our December Spotlight is on Patrick Healey, Stoneham High School Health Teacher and Youth Action Coalition (YAC) Advisor. A former New Yorker, Pat and his wife and 7 month old son now call Massachusetts home.

"Educating Stoneham's youth on the importance of personal wellness has been my passion for the last six years. My journey into the Stoneham Coalition and the Youth Coalition stemmed as a suggestion from the previous school administration. Donna Cargill connected me with Shelly MacNeill who helped start the youth group at SHS. Ever since then, I have recognized and continued to contribute to the important connection between community members, parents, school staff, and the students we work to serve."

"The most recent graduation class did not deserve the very abruptly ending they received. It felt like we missed the end of a wholesome movie. At the start of this current school year, I opened an envelope left over from the school year prior. It was filled with notes and pictures from students thanking me and others for the hard work we've put into their educational experience. It was a very touching way to begin a stressful year. It reminds me why many of us continue to volunteer efforts to support our kids. Many students right now are missing the environment we've created for them. We need to continue the work, in whichever capacity we can, to maintain the supportive community Stoneham has the potential to be. "

Thank you, Pat, for your support of a safe & healthy community for Stoneham youth!

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