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February Coalition Spotlight

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Our February Spotlight is on Chris Apalakis, dedicated volunteer for the Stoneham Coalition.

Chris grew up in Stoneham and now resides here with his family. He has been a Stoneham Police Officer for 19 years and is currently assigned to the day shift as a Sergeant. Chris is also the police department’s Grant Administrator and the Director of Community Policing and Special Events.

We spoke with Chris about his involvement with the Coalition:

Q: How did you first get involved with the Stoneham Coalition?-

A: I was selected to represent the police department and the coalition at the 2014 CADCA conference in Orlando, FL. While I was not involved with the coalition up until that point, I became interested after collaborating with other attendees from the Stoneham Coalition who attended.

Q: Why do you volunteer with the Stoneham Coalition?-

A: Being a lifelong Stoneham resident, I am very grateful to have grown up in this town and I hope to make a positive impact for all residents and future generations.

Q: What Coalition initiative has been most impactful for you to be involved in?

A: There isn’t one specific initiative, although the partners and stakeholders I’ve met through the coalition have been instrumental in forming other initiatives such as the Stoneham Community Impact Team, the Stoneham Mental Health Stakeholder meeting and the Prevention Leadership Committee.

Thank you Chris for your dedication to our mission for a safe and healthy Stoneham!

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