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January Coalition Spotlight

Recognition of volunteers in our Coalition

Our January Coalition Spotlight is on Carol O'Loughlin, a dedicated volunteer for the Stoneham Coalition. Carol and her family have lived in Stoneham for almost 30 years, raising their three (now adult) daughters here, all whom attended Stoneham High School. Carol currently works for the Department of Mental Health serving as the Director of Learning and Development.

We asked Carol to tell us more about her involvement in the Stoneham Coalition:

Q: How did you first get involved with the Stoneham Coalition?

A: I attended the first vigil sponsored by the newly formed Coalition about 5 years ago shortly after a beloved friend of one of my children died following an overdose. She and all of the friends of this beautiful young man were devastated. I wanted to try to understand this tragic epidemic and join others to try to combat it.

Q: Why do you volunteer with the Stoneham Coalition?

A: I volunteer because I want to be part of a discussion and actions directed toward preventing addiction among our young people. Alone, I felt helpless, but working side-by-side with others, I feel hopeful and determined that we will do our best to take steps to support our young people and hopefully prevent future tragedy.

Q: What Coalition initiative has been most impactful for you to be involved in?

A: It was very gratifying to work with other members of the Coalition in developing the grant proposal for funding. Even though we did not succeed the first two times we applied, we learned a lot and did not give up! This group's resolve and determination was impressive and again, the result of teamwork. It is a privilege to be associated with others in this community who want to work to ensure that Stoneham strives to be a safe and healthy community.

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