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March Coalition Spotlight

Our March Coalition Spotlight is on Adam Rodgers, dedicated volunteer for the Stoneham Coalition.

Adam grew up in Wakefield and now resides here with his family. His wife (Kate) is a High School Biology teacher in Marblehead, and they share two boys ages 5 and (almost) 2.

Adam started his career working with youth at the Wakefield YMCA when he was 15, working at the snack bar for the teen dances. He was a camp and teen director at the Marblehead YMCA and served as director for several other youth camps. Adam joined the Boys & Girls Club in 2015 where he is now the Executive Director.

We asked Adam to tell us a little bit about his involvement with the Stoneham Colaition:

Q: How did you first get involved with the Stoneham Coalition?

A: I started when I joined the Boys & Girls Club in 2015. Our missions align so much that I wanted to get involved right away. I see what pressure and stresses teens are under and how helping in small ways can make a big difference in their lives.

Q: What Coalition initiative has been most impactful for you to be involved in? –

A: I really have enjoyed digging into our prevention efforts, trying to engage lots of stakeholders and trying to learn from other communities and partners who have made an impact. Stoneham has been such a great community to work in because everyone is passionate and energetic. The people, businesses, and officials in this community all want whats best for the kids of the community and have been great partners for the last five years. I really enjoyed attending the National Coalition Academy in Alabama and I am still using things I learned there 18 months later. I hope I can be helpful in the process to get the grant renewed in the future!

Thank you Adam for your dedication to our mission for a safe & healthy Stoneham!

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