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November Coalition Spotlight

Our November Coalition Spotlight is on Ben and Becky Jacques, dedicated volunteers for the Stoneham Coalition. A freelance writer, Ben is a former professor of English at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. He volunteers for several Stoneham nonprofit organizations. Becky was a middle school guidance counselor in Winchester as well as a mental health counselor at several area hospitals. They have two adult children

and five grandchildren.

We asked Ben and Becky why they have volunteered for the Coalition and what it has meant to them.

Ben: "I was happy to join the Coalition, not only to represent one of Stoneham’s religious organizations, but for personal reasons. Substance addiction was a destructive force in my family, and I have found healing and growth in a twelve-step program and in working with others. The Coalition members are a wonderfully diverse group of community activists. Each contributes from his or her personal or professional experience. We work well with each other and learn from one another. Our chairperson and coordinators encourage creative participation. I also appreciate that while our primary focus is education about and prevention of substance use disorders, our scope is the overall health of the community."

Becky: "It is a pleasure to work with the Coalition, as everyone has one goal in mind: to educate and support those in our community, including the victims of addiction and mental health problems and their families. I, too, have had family members who have suffered from substance use and know its devastating effects. As a guidance counselor with clinical mental health experience, I have also seen how addiction hurts young people and those around them. I feel that in the Coalition we share the belief that all members of our community deserve acceptance and support."

Thank you to Ben and Becky for your dedication to our mission in the Stoneham Community!

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