Welcome to Stoneham Coalition for a Safe & Healthy Community

Our Mission: The Stoneham Coalition seeks to address substance use, addiction and their root causes through education, advocacy, and support.

Our Vision

The Stoneham Coalition envisions a safe and healthy community—one that embraces substance use prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery.

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Community Resources

The Mystic Valley Public Health Coalition has an excellent bank of regional resources on local mental health professionals, emergency support numbers, substance use intervention and support, and more. See the full list of resource areas available, click here.

For emergency support hotlines, click here.

For substance use intervention and support, click here.

To locate resources for substance use recovery, download this app.

Charity Bell, The Power of Relentless Positivity

The Stoneham Coalition for a Safe & Healthy Community welcomed Charity Bell on April 27 at the Stoneham Public Library. She spoke about Relentless Positivity, a concept that she designed to describe an approach to interactions that decreases anxiety and stress and dramatically increases compassion for self and others.

The program, entitled "Challenging Time to be Human," is part of the Coalition's Parent & Community Educational Seminar outreach. Click here to learn more.

More information about Charity Bell can be found at www.RelentlessPositivity.org.

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